China export market report valve

Date: 2019-10-10        Clicks: 4780

Valve for the Chinese market in 2011, is a year of crisis and opportunity exist. The global financial crisis, the appreciation of the RMB exchange rate issue again gave the company has brought great pressure. Some developing countries, a lot of infrastructure, and gave Chinese exports valves tremendous opportunity.
     A trace amount of increase in total exports
     According to Tesco survey information, 2010 2011 October, the Chinese valve in only trace amounts of total export value increased by the state.
     Tesco analysts pointed out that although in February 2011 by the Chinese New Year effect, total amount and the total export volume in the doldrums, but did not affect the overall upward trend in the first half. Second half of 2011, due to financial crisis and European bonds, U.S. large-scale outbreak of the debt, resulting in the amount of Chinese exports and the number of valves on the slight decline, but in comparison with last year's data, we still see a slight year on year growth in a favorable situation. Also see the Chinese export enterprises valve has a certain anti-risk.
     Second, the export areas in the European Union, mainly in North America 
     In 2011, China valve outlet area or the continuation of the last case, the North American, European-based, two areas add to the total exports 46.19%. Tesco analysts pointed out that with the European debt, U.S. debt increased, and the construction of other developing countries, export companies should be adjusted according to their respective conditions of the export strategy to increase the enterprise itself to resist risks.
     Third, the price advantage of emerging economies are no longer result in reduced demand for products
     Tesco information from the data provided can be seen, Malaysia, reduced demand for Chinese products the largest, down 37.46%, the same, Mexico, Egypt, Brazil, these emerging economies is also weakening demand for Chinese products.
     As labor and raw materials costs continue to rise, many well-known companies have chosen to cheaper cost countries such as Vietnam, Thailand and other regional plant production. And these companies because of its low cost, its products have an advantage in price, resulting in a number of Chinese products in the emerging economies in the slow-moving situation. Speed up the upgrading of industrial technology, lower manufacturing costs and increase market competitiveness, is a business imperative.
     Fourth, East valve manufacturing, marketing capabilities far greater than other regions
     View from the export port, Shanghai, Ningbo, Tianjin, Nanjing, Dalian is currently the main valve outlet port. The proportion of the total amount of ports shipped reached a total of 86.37% the valve outlet. Tesco analyst pointed out: in 2011 China's valve manufacturing and sales is still the main East and other regions opened with a larger distance, but to the valve manufacturer in east China's competition will bring more intense.